I love everything about books! I love the look, feel and smell of books! My goal is to read at least one grown-up book a week and as many picture books a week as possible.

I am a proud teacher! When I had my own classroom, I spent the majority of my time in Kindergarten. While there, I played my guitar and sang with the children, observed young artists at work painting, drawing and making sandcastles and I always took them on nature walks. I have a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from St. Norbert College, De Pere, WI and a master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction/Creative Arts from Lesley University, Cambridge, MA. Today I am a guest teacher, visiting many different schools each week. I am an SCBWI member.

I live on a hobby farm with my husband, a flock of sheep & chickens, a pond full of fish & frogs and always a barn cat. I enjoy counting the monarch caterpillars that frequent the gardens.

When I am not busy writing & reading, I tend to our gardens, take daily walks, enjoy campfires, and riding my bike. Life is good!

These are a few of my favorite things…

  • The Sound of Music movie * hint above
  • Strawberries, dark chocolate, (many) vegetables, basil & pizza
  • My favorite color is green. Why you ask? Because in spring it magically appears
  • Speaking of green… I eat a plant-based diet & grow my own vegetables
  • Listening to the bird’s sing
  • Inspiring children of all ages to read books

These are a few of my not so favorite things…

  • Litterbugs! Help keep our planet clean – please Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
  • Bullies! As Ellen would say, “Be kind to one another!”
  • Leaf blowers! Because then I can’t hear the birds singing.
  • Cauliflower, yuck!
  • Growling dogs! But I like dogs that wag their tails and go for walks with me.
  • When people say “I can’t,”  I say “try!”

Interesting Facts:

  • I won a hula hoop contest at the park when I was a kid.
  • I make large rugs from my sheep wool, which takes nearly 4 years to make just one! * see below
  • I like to get my hands dirty in soil, concrete or in cookie dough.
  • I started hip hop dance class at 55 years old.

My favorite childhood books

The Snowy Day

The Carrot Seed

Little House on the Prairie

My favorite book to read to children

Whoever You Are

Same smile, different hairstyle!

a 3rd gradea 5th gr.JPGa 7th gr.JPG

Me as a brick mason

a mason cropped.JPG pillar 2

Me as a gardener

before….                                                                                   after…IMG_4718.jpg IMG_3949.jpg

Me as a rug maker

4 sheep cropped me rug